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Pricing & FAQ's

Thinking about booking with me? Before we get into pricing, I want to give you a break down of what you are paying for! I want you to know all that goes into photography beyond the shoot itself. When you invest in me you are investing in someone who has...

1) Years of experience. I have shot a variety of people over the years. I know how to pose, pick out flattering locations, and know what lighting is best. I also have years of experience operating the gear that I own. I continue to educate myself as well so I can grow and improve throughout the years. 

2) Editing skills. Each session requires hours of editing to make the photos pop and remove any possible distractions that may appear in your photos. I use special presets and settings to really make the photos and background pop. I spend time perfecting each individual so the gallery is cohesive and beautiful!

3) Gear. I own camera gear including but not limited to camera bodies, lenses, sd cards, and flash. I have lots of experience operating them and using different lenses to capture you in a variety of ways. It takes a certain eye to know what settings are needed in different lighting and environments. You can trust me to know how to operate a camera well and adjust according to the time of day and location!

4) Customer service. If you book with me, I promise to be good at communication, honest, and have a fast turnaround time for delivering photos! I value each individual and want you to be happy and confident with the gallery of photos you receive. 


Q: Can I receive just raw images?

A: For those of you asking what are RAW images: These are simply unedited photos. As a photographer. My photos are a representation of my craft. I spend hours perfecting the images so they can all look the same. The straight forward answer is no. BUT I am happy to meet you in the middle and will send samples to make sure that you are satisfied with the editing! It is still extremely important to me that you get the results you want. 

Q: Which session should I choose for family photos?

A: It depends on the size or age of your family. I will always recommend mini sessions (30 minute time slots offered throughout the year) or 1 hour if there are young kids or if there are older grandparents involved in the family who can't stand for very long. 2 hour shoots are perfect for adventurous families who enjoy taking their time and soaking in the fun of this shoot.  

Q: What if I'm camera shy? 

I can feel a little awkward myself in front of the camera so I can empathize with people who feel the same. I will be happy to pose you the whole time! I have a variety of poses/prompts for ALL kinds of personalities. I won't force you to do something you aren't comfortable with. I don't just want you to look amazing but feel amazing. I love watching people laugh and build confidence throughout our shoot. That is one of my favorite parts!
Q: How long will it be before I get my photos back?

A: For family, portrait, and couple/engagement sessions you will receive your photos back within 2 weeks. For weddings, it will take up to 6 weeks. What this means it that the photos could be done before that time frame however it will not take more than 2-6 weeks. Why? Because every photographer has to delete (cull), edit, and perfect the photo gallery before sending it. I want it to be the best for you!!! What you will receive early on are photo previews within a couple days of the shoot!
Q: Are we a good fit?

A: As potential clients, you can check out this page which features my previous work as well as social media to get an idea of my style. If this is something you love, then we are a good fit. If not there will be no hard feelings. I personally believe its important to do your research and find someone you like and whose photography style you admire! That being said, I will work hard to make sure you love your photos and they suit you perfectly.
Q: What is the best time/location to shoot at? 

The best and most popular time to shoot is at golden hour. About an hour before sunset. This is the least harsh lighting and provides stunning photos. Sunrise is another great time for photos because it provides similar lighting conditions. I realize that not everyone is free at these times. Depending on the location there can still be awesome lighting at different times of the day. As for locations, I personally love to shoot in golden fields, or with large oak trees. There are a variety of locations that we can discuss together to find the perfect fit!
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