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Max & Vanessa's Engagement Session

One of the reasons I LOVE doing engagement sessions are to hear people's love story. I usually spend time finding out more about how people met, what they love about each other, how they got engaged, etc. Then I get to capture their love and relationship!

Max and Vanessa met while volunteering for a youth camp in the summer. Neither one was looking for a relationship at the time. They were both focused on their personal relationship with God. Soon after they got together and the rest is history.

These two arrived extra early before our shoot at Shark Fin Cove in Davenport to soak in the views and each other. It is evident that they are a beautiful couple both inside and out! Their natural chemistry made it easy to capture their love story.

After spending some time at Shark Fin Cove we made the trek up the coast to the cliffs in Davenport for sunset photos. My favorite part of the session is when I had them pick a song for their relationship and without hesitation they chose Golden Hour by Kasey Musgraves. I then had them slow dance to this song as the sun set behind them. It was a beautiful moment to watch their adoration for each other. It was my honor to get to know them better and capture their beautiful souls!

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